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Interested in applying?

Our books are currently open. We are especially interested in actors with different casting types to our existing clients, those with special skills (musicians, puppeteers, etc), and/or experienced actors with a strong and varied CV.


We are a hard-working co-operative agency, and applicants must also be able to demonstrate their suitability for working in the RbA Management office and being a proactive part of our team. 


We receive a high volume of applications so please consider how you differ from our current clients and what you can bring to the agency.

Please Note: Applicants must have an active Spotlight profile in order to be considered for representation.


Apply For Representation

Please fill out the form with all your details in order to be considered for representation. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you unerstand we are a Co-operative agency and what that entails?

Thanks for submitting!

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